The game of domino is played with domino sets. There are four different types of domino sets: double-six, double-nine, and single-six. A double-six set consists of twenty-seven tiles. The players alternately choose 12 tiles each and play along a line. A player wins when his or her score equals or exceeds the total pip count of all other players’ hands.

In domino games, the player with the highest double leads the game. The player with the second-highest double follows, followed by the player with the next-heaviest domino from that suit. In other games, the player with the highest double leads the game with the highest double. In other games, the player with the highest double leads with a double-six. In other versions, the player who has the heaviest domino in the highest suit wins.

The game of domino originated in China, where it evolved into an early version of the trick-taking game of cards. The dominoes were originally designed to represent all possible throws with two dice. Hence, they are sometimes called “dotted cards” and contain no blank faces. Western and Chinese versions of the game are both based on the 5-3 system, with a five on one end and a three on the other. It is interesting to note that Chinese and Western versions are both physical equivalent.

Different countries use different types of domino sets. A traditional Sino-European domino set contains 28 dominoes. Each domino represents one of twenty-one possible outcomes of a two-sided dice throw. In Chinese sets, some throws are duplicated and two players use the same set. Typical European dominoes are shorter. But if you have a set of double-six dominoes, you can use it for a variety of different games.

After the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson used the domino theory to justify the escalation of U.S. military presence in Southeast Asia. Johnson did not fully account for the character of the Viet Cong struggle. Johnson assumed that Ho Chi Minh was a puppet of communist giants and that communism would eventually spread throughout Southeast Asia. In fact, it did not happen this way.