Dominos is a pizza chain that offers food delivery services. The company is based in the US and has over 14,000 stores in the country. The company is working on various strategies that aim to improve the customer experience. These include improving its mobile app, implementing driverless cars and even experimenting with drones for delivery purposes. The strategy is aimed at making the company a leader in its industry.

A domino is a small rectangular block, generally 28 in number. Each domino has a surface that is blank or marked with an arrangement of dots, similar to those on dice, with the opposite side being divided by a line or ridge into two equal parts. The dominoes in a set are usually identically patterned, but some are colored and numbered. A player begins by placing a domino on the table and positioning it so that its one matching end touches another piece or the edge of the playing surface. A new piece can then be played on top of it, forming a domino chain that gradually increases in length as more and more tiles are laid down and added to it.

Some domino sets are made from a variety of natural materials, including stone (e.g., marble or granite); other types of wood (such as hickory or walnut); and metals (e.g., brass or pewter). Polymer dominoes are the most common, although some are made from a combination of materials to give them a more novel look and feel. They are also typically cheaper than the more expensive natural-material sets.

As a child, Lily Hevesh loved to play with her grandparents’ classic 28-piece set of dominoes. Now, at 20, she is a professional domino artist. Her YouTube channel, Hevesh5, has more than 2 million subscribers, and she creates spectacular domino installations for movies, television shows, and events, such as the Katy Perry album launch. Hevesh uses a computer to plan her creations and a small camera to record the process of putting them together. She starts by creating 3-D sections of the installation, then adds flat arrangements and finally lines of dominoes connecting them all together.

In fiction, a domino effect occurs when a scene or event in a story causes other scenes to happen. These domino effects can help a writer develop a plot that is easy to follow and makes sense for the reader.

Domino’s is a well-known brand of pizza that was founded in the mid-1960s by Tom Monaghan in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The restaurant’s early success was due to a focus on putting pizzerias in convenient locations near college campuses, which helped the chain reach a large and loyal customer base. By the 1970s, Domino’s had over 200 locations. In the 1980s, the company introduced the first Domino’s Pizza Huts, which emphasized carryout and delivery services. Since that time, the company has expanded internationally and continues to grow its global presence. In addition to its traditional pizza restaurants, Domino’s now offers a variety of other food items and beverages.